Each week we will look at some of the top sectional performers and indeed performances.

The PN Greyhounds is the only club that provides full sectionals on every runner so until the racing industry provides a national service, our sectional focus will be on the PN greys.

You can see all sectionals on the PN Greyhounds new site.

On the individual race results, there is a link to the best opening and closing sectionals for the day. That can help punters find great value.

The top opening sectionals from the 16 July highlighted a couple of winners. Big Time Fairy and Big Time Angel weren’t hard to find but Big Time Jewel was having her first start over middle distance.

What stood out from the report that Jewel ran an opening sectional barely 1/2 a length slower than C5 dogs so stood a great chance of leading up her race on Tuesday. She was getting a little tired at the end but her proven early speed meant she kept out of trouble.